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Z-DSP: Coming Soon!

It’s time to get ready to clear up 28HP of your precious modular space for a unique sonic experience, watch out, the Z-DSP is coming your way. The module is currently in the final stages of beta testing and the first batch is expected to be available sometime in November. A number of the Z-DSP’s components are custom made and supplied to us in small quantities; as a result the first run is limited to 40 modules and we hope to have another batch made during December.

One of the unique features of the Z-DSP is its ability to change applications on-the-fly with the algorithm cartridges. The first cartridge to be offered for the Z-DSP is the Dragonfly Delay, a collection of 8 time-based VC-Stereo-Delay algorithms that behave gently and sweetly, but, with the twist of a knob, switch of a button, or patch addition, it can suddenly become extremely rude and dynamic. Each algorithm bends the space-time of your waves in a unique manner. Next in line will be the Spider Filter, a collection of 8 brutal VC-Digital Filters (VCDF) with deep cut/pass filters and attacking resonance that really bites. This cartridge is currently rated NC-17 here in Hollywood, so beware.

Coming soon…

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