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Z5000 Upgrade

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The NEW Z5000: Coming Soon!

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DSP Feedback Loops

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Sitting at the core (or left of center, depending on how you look at it) of the Z5000 VCDSP is the Tiptop Audio 24-Bit DSP. What makes it even more unique is that because the modular format allows patching to and from anywhere in a system it is fairly easy to make very interesting use of the 16 different algorithms that the DSP contains.

All of the algorithms in the DSP work differently. Some handle the signal on two separate channels (like the delay effects), but the reverb algorithms, work entirely differently, mixing and processing the signal together using both processors.

Using that delightful feature, it is possible to send a signal into the left input and then feed the left output  back to the module’s right input that to create a wild feedback loop that makes the module to oscillate and create its own sounds and timbres, similar to the way filter resonance works. This oscillation will continue as long as the CTRL knob is set to MAX, and will decay as the knob is turned to MIN.

Technically, the module should start oscillating even with out any external signal. Using a sound source, however, gives you the ability to "trigger" and control the oscillation and also blends the oscillation timbre with that of the incoming sound source.

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Z5000 Reviewed!

Well, we were eagerly anticipating this day and it has finally come! We have one of the first reviews of the Z5000 over at The Stretta Procedure! It is a great review, check it out! Many, many, many thanks to Matthew Davidson for his kind words and we hope that his Z5000 continues to cause him to spend more nights playing with it and giggling!

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