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Get to Know the Tiptop Audio Modular System

Station 252 Back in Production!

Get the Latest Trigger Riot Firmware!

Zeus Studio Bus Now Shipping

Tejada Techno with the Trigger Riot

Once again, producer John Tejada has given us the privilege of watching him work! He just received his Trigger Riot and took no time creating a tight signature beat!

Check it out below!

Breaking Time with John Tejada and the Z8000

Techno legend John Tejada has provided Tiptop Audio exclusive insight into his latest remix! While crafting his remix of “Breaking Time” for Simian Mobile Disco, John used the Z8000 Matrix Sequencer and our 808/909 drum modules! He generously provided a video for a peek at the patch he created for this remix: he uses the Z8000 to modulate the chord filter sound by advancing to a new filter setting with each note all in sync with the drum modules! Check it out below!

As for the remix itself, it can be found on Simian Mobile Disco’s Beatport page, here. If you are a fan of John Tejada or Simian Mobile Disco, please check it out!

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